Sunday, June 22, 2014


While attending a Home School Convention on June 6th, we received a call from the post office telling us the chicks we ordered had arrived.  They needed to be picked up by that evening.  This posed a problem. You see, we were 30 minutes away from home at the afore mentioned convention and it would be quite a pain to go all the way back home, settle the chicks, and come back to the convention.  We would definitely be missing some sesssions if we did that and no-one wanted to miss those. :)  So, Dad called a friend who lives nearby and he graciously agreed to pick up the chicks and settle them for us (Thanks, Daniel!:) !  We ordered 30 broilers and 40 layers.  I think we've only had two die- not too bad! :)  They were in the house for the first week or so, but then we decided it was time for them to go out into the coop.

We open it up during the day so that they can get some fresh air.  There is (as pictured above) a screen in front of the door-way so they can't escape. :)

 Some of the chicks.  The white ones are the boilers and the brown ones are the layers.

Eating away!

Drinking from their water dispenser. 

Well, that's all for now!  Have a wonderful week!

~Seth Wassenberg

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Start Up

Hello everybody.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  This spring we got some more animals.  The usual stuff like chickens and turkeys and such.  We also got a new cow that we named Mocha because she is whitish/grey.  She is giving us between 2 and 3 gallons a day and we are only miking her once in the morning!  I also got a beehive in mid May from a beekeeper that is training me (he also takes care of Lavender Fields Farm's honeybees). We mainly got them to help pollinate the garden and to harvest honey from in the fall. Also just for the fun of honeybees.
Building the stantion to milk mocha in.
P.S. She doesn't like to stand on concreate so we can't get her in it!
One on one time with Sandy.
Mocha is released.
Is it safe out there?
Checking out each other.
The finished stantion.
The fun truck ride back to the house.  Why is every body so concerned? >
Hint: Dad
Okay swich the subject now to bees.  I got my honeybees on a Saturday and we blocked the entrance so they
didn't fly around in the car when transporting them to our house.  Then on Sunday morning I took off the mesh stuff
so they could start pollinating.
One of  my bees working in the garden this afternoon.
My beehive.
The glass jars are filled with sugar water that I put on today.

Thanks for swing'n by,

The sunset.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Eggs For Sale! :)

Hello everyone!
Solid Rock Ranch Eggs is in production mode (go hens! ;)!  We have collected an abundance of eggs and, as we were on vacation for a week, have not been able to use them all.  We will be selling them for $3.00 per dozen if anyone is interested.  We can bring them to our church ( this Sunday (3/2/14).  Comment below if you'd like to place an order or if you have any questions.
Have a blessed day!

~Seth Wassenberg
SRR Eggs

Thursday, February 6, 2014


It is nice to have a break from all the farm work every now and then and winter is just the time for that.  On January 2, we processed our nine turkeys but this time we used a new method.  Instead of scalding the turkeys and pulling off the feathers as we have previously did, we skinned them.  Caution!  Contains detailed information that my be unsuitable for some people. ;)  First we killed them (I finally summoned the power to do it for the first time and it was quite fine).  Our cousin was helping us so it was funny since he doesn't live in the country.  After they bled out we took them to the processing table to be skinned and gutted.  First we cut off their head, then we started cutting up their chest from the neck, then we started cutting down to the legs and wings(If you've skinned a deer it is very similar to that), we cut their wings off since the skin is hard to get off of them and dad is the only one who likes them.  Then we cut up their back and cut all the skin off, now it looks more like a turkey from the store, all that is left is to gut (which I won't explain) and clean them and put them in the pink water.  Pink water is just cold water that you put them in after you're done and it turns pink as it draws out the remaining blood.  Next job.  We moved the chickens from the chicken coop over in the field to the coop at the house(I don't now what month we did that but it was sometime near the turkey processing).  Earlier we were getting about ten eggs a day from fifty chickens and now we are getting about three dozen a day which shows that they where laying in the woods.  I feed the chickens and the bunnies since I am already out there, Caleb takes care of Sandy our cow and Josiah gathers the eggs.  We are about to order some baby turkeys, broilers and chickens for this year.  I WILL do a post of them when we get them.  That's all I can think of for today.
Thanks for reading,

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baby Bunnies

On October 18th our rabbit had six baby bunnies!  If you didn't know we had rabbits, we do.  One rabbit is mine and the other one is supposed to be mom's but it's more like Alexis'.  We had two litters of bunnies (not counting this litter) so far and all of them sold. On our first litter of five, one of our friends was just going to get one or two and ended up buying them all!  You can go here if you would like to purchase one or two or all of this batch.;)  They will be for sale on December 5th!  Excellent Christmas present.  Well, who wants to see some pics!?
The six bunnies!

 Who's there?

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We planted our fall garden a couple of weeks ago.  We have kale, collards, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, and red & green cabbage.  We have a raised bed and mom wanted to have spinach during the winter.  So mom planted  some spinach in the raised bed.  We had a couple of extra pieces of glass from the kitchen addition so we found those and put them on top of the spinach to keep the frost off so we can have spinach for the winter(YEA)!:( Winter is supposed to be a break of salad, spinach, all that other stuff.  Hopefully it will just be enough  for mom and dad! ;)
Hope you are having a wonderful week.
This is mom's lovely winter garden.
The big garden.
Purple cabbage.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On September 23rd our faithful milk cow Halle died.  She was always gentle unless she was giving you
a friendly head nudge.  She didn't knock over the milk a lot.  She is missed already, and we will probably never get a nicer cow than Halle.  We are out of milk now but will get a cow sometime soon.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Turkey processing


On Monday September 16th we processed our turkeys!  We started by getting our neighbors big crab pot (we have very nice neighbors). We filled the pot with water and heated it up. We only had two turkeys this time so it didn't take too long.  I'll just give you a quick run-through of what we did.  
Josiah and Daddy getting ready
We brought the turkeys over, killed them, dunked them in the hot water, pulled their feathers off, took their feet and heads off, gutted them, put them in cold water, pulled their pin feathers out, and then took them inside. Phew, I got through all of that!!  One turkey we saved for roasting and the other one we cut up and threw in the meat grinder to make turkey sausage.

                                                         I think that covers all of it!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Our cows.

What to say what to say. Cow are cows- there's not a whole lot of stuff to write about cows.  Well, Halle (short for Hallelujah) is our oldest cow and then we have Sandy (she was born during the hurricane Sandy). Sandy is not yet in milk but will be in 2015.  Halle is our milk cow but she is not giving us very much milk (about 1.5 gallons a day). Caleb and I milk her; Caleb in the mornings and I at night.  Halle had Sandy on October 29th, 2012.  She is part Jersey and part Holstein.  She is very nice if you know how to handle her but otherwise you will be quite afraid when she comes to give you a head nudge!  Our fence doesn't really work so sometimes Sandy wants to get out (and does) so the neighbors come over and tell us. Then Caleb and I go gallivanting all over creation trying to catch her then she walks straight through the fence to get back in!

Well here are some pictures.
Halle and Sandy thought we had food for them.

Holly was eating dirt, I guess it was salty.
Sandy was going to give  Eden a head nudge.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catch up.

It has been a long time since we last posted so we are just going to do a big review of what has happened over the months. 

In April we got five turkeys.  But we currently have two because one of them died, and the other two decided they had had enough of us and ran away.  We will process the ones we have in September I think. 

We also got some chickens.  I think we got twenty five broilers and twenty five hens.  We already processed the broilers.  We also had some friends come over to help us process.  We started around 5:00 P.M. (about two hours late) and finished at 9:00 P.M.(we also did some old hens and mean roosters- they're a lot harder to do than the broilers).  By the end we were pretty tuckered out after four hours of standing! 

Just recently we got fifteen more turkeys and five died so now we have ten.  But they will be smaller than the other two turkeys because they are a different breed or otherwise we would not have enough room in the freezers! 

Just in case y'all didn't know we will not be selling eggs anymore. This blog will now be used for posting about the things that are going on around the ranch not just poultry stuff.

Thanks for reading!