Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess What??!!

Well when we gathered the eggs and filled waterers and checked on the chickens a couple of days ago, and while we were gathering the eggs we saw our first pullet egg!!  They are supposed to start laying in late August or early September!  We have no idea what type of chicken layed it (we think it is a Sex Link) but I'll show y'all a pic of it!

Which one do you think is the pullet egg?!

The left egg is one of the older girls eggs compared to the pullet egg!

To the younger chickens!
Good job Girls!

Seth's favorite type of  chickens are the Americauna.
Caleb's favorite type of chickens that the have are the Golden Laced Wyndottes and the Barred Rocks.

We are now getting around three eggs a day!  Next week we hopefully going to put the prices on the eggs!!

Tilll next time, God Bless!
Caleb and Seth Wassenberg
Co-owners of Srr Egg Factory  
What they used to look like!  They are so small!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small chickens

Well the eight younger chickens are growing big and strong!  We moved most of the older chickens to where the eight younger chickens and are going to try if we can try to brood some!  One girl is laying on them right now.  We put one of the guys over with them to keep them company :)

 Hang'n' together.....

 I like how the Buff Orpingtons look and how they always turn there head and look at you!

Some of the older girls. (Composed of Sex Links and Buff Orpingtons!)

For some reason the eight younger chickens always stay together!

I finally figured out what type the two black chickens are!  They are Black Australorps!
Now I'll tell you the secret name we call the chickens when we go to see them and to gather eggs!  Can you guess?!  Girls!!  We don't know how we got to calling them "girls", so every time we go to see them we say,  "Here girls!"
Caleb and Seth Wassenberg
Co-owners of SRR Egg Factory

Thursday, July 7, 2011

LIttle chicks

This time we are going to do the little chickens since we did the big chickens before! The are very big compared to what they used to be!  So Kimber came and to some pictures of e'm.

A buff Orpington cruisin'!

That's all of the eight of 'em staying together, I think they were dust bathing before!

A Barred Rock and a Buff Orpington!  I think that the two Buff Orpington we have are guys!

A Brown Leghorn. (Caleb was holding it)

Hangin' around!  We don't know exactlty what type the black one is but we hope to find out soon!

Well this was a pretty short post but we hope y'all enjoyed it!  Pretty soon we'll get the prices on the blog!
Till next time, God Bless!
Caleb and Seth Wassenberg
Co-owners of Srr Egg Factory