Sunday, August 21, 2011


We have put the prices on the eggs!  $2.00 for the pullet white and brown eggs and $2.25 for the blue and green eggs.  ( We're not gettin' any blue and green eggs right now but should be comin' soon!)  We are gettin' more eggs every day.  We used to have 5-7 eggs a day now we are gettin' around 10-15 eggs a day, not enough to sell yet (we eat a lot!) but gettin' close!!
The pullet eggs!
We let the girls out every day to eat bugs and grass on Dads pasture!
Caleb was workin' with dad the day we took pics of um' so Seth was there with my sister Kimber takin' pictures and refillin' the waterers.
They always crowd around us when we come over to do anything!
And for the last pics of the day....

We hope to start sellin' the eggs soon!
Till next time, God Bless!
Caleb and Seth Wassenberg
Co-owners of Srr Egg Facory

Monday, August 8, 2011

Update on prices and eggs

Today we did some calculating and haven't exactly figured out the prices but know what we're lookin' at!  We will put up the prices on the eggs prices either this week or next week!  As y'all know we've been getting brown eggs and were are now getting a couple White Eggs a day too!!

A Pullet Egg!!

A white and a brown pullet egg!
Now as you know the pullet egg is the very first year of layin' for the chickens and that is why they are so small!  The second year is the peak year for the chickens when the eggs are around twice the size of a pullet egg.  Every year after that the egg production goes down!  
One day we took two of our eggs, one a pullet egg and the other one from the older girls (!) which was twice as big, and we cracked both of 'um in a glass bowl.
 We wanted to see if there was a difference in the pasture raised and non pastured raised (even though they are both all natural).  What you want is the yolk to be sitting up out of the white and the yolk dark yellow, preferably orange colored, and you want the whole egg to be firm and keep its shape.  When you buy eggs from the store with the purpose of making fried eggs you don't want your egg to run everywhere, right!? This is what does happen to your egg when it is Non-pasture-raised and GMO (even if it is all-natural!).  You would prefer your egg to keep a definite shape and taste delicious. When you have a pastured raised and non GMO egg it holds these qualities!!
Can you tell the difference?!  The right bowl is the older girls egg and non-pastured, is sitting down and not above the white, and the left egg is the pullet egg, pastured, sittin up with most of the yolk out of the white and a darker color!  We even shook both of the bowls to see if there was a difference in white firmness and the pullet egg, though smaller, was firmer than the older girls egg!  And we can't lie...... it definitely tastes better and more healthy for you!! 
  I hope y'all learned something today, like we did, on the difference on the eggs! There is no difference in a white egg to a brown egg! Again, we will post the egg prices either this week or next week!  If y'all would like to help us please tell us what you think would be a fair price and we will pray and take all suggestions into account.  Thanks for your help in advance :)
Till next time, God Bless!
Caleb and Seth Wassenberg
Co-owners of SRR Egg Factory