Monday, March 28, 2011

Growing Up!

Yes, these "little" chicks are doing great and are starting to get some wing and tail feathers!  What happens is that as the chicks grow and mature they start to lose their baby fluff and get real feathers!  The chicks have been in the outside coop near our house for a couple days now and are doing quite well!  The other day we had our sister (who is a photographer) takes some pictures of their up and coming feathers!  I am posting this now instead of Friday or Saturday because the pictures were taken awhile ago, making this post over-due :)!!  Please enjoy! 

Brown Leghorn- Above
Cute little wing span!
I love the cheeks on this one!!
What a beautiful design on the feathers!
These will be beautiful hens when they have all of their feathers! What a wonderful design by our creator!

Have a great week!  God Bless!
Caleb & Seth Wassenberg
Co-Owners of ~ SRR Egg Factory

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everyday life: Chickens

Well I (Caleb) asked my sis if I could use her camera because I wanted to take some Pic's of the chicks and she said yes so I told Seth what I was going to do and he wanted to come too!!!
Seth wanted to me to take some pictures of him going to the coop, so here is what Seth and I do everyday!
 Walking to the coop.

Opening the door.

Then this is what it looks like when you open the door.

We have a heat lamp in the coop to keep them warm and we have an extension cord from our house connected to the heat lamp so the extension cord was hanging low, so we decided to put a chick on the cord!!  

 Hanging from the cord.

We put another chick on the cord and put the first chick on the window sill (he is behind the one on the cord).


This is one of the chick's wing span; they are getting so big!!

Every time we go in there to feed them or refill the water the chicks will always go to one corner and bunch together really tight!

Best buddies.

If y'all were wondering what we put down on the floor in the coop we put blueprints that our Paw-Paw gives us(layouts of buildings or stuff like that!) down on the floor!

We hope this helped y'all and you liked the pic's of the chicks!  Hope to post again soon!!

Caleb M. Wassenberg
 Co-Owner of SRR Egg Factory

Monday, March 21, 2011

Regarding chickens and laying

Hello everyone,

Here is some information regarding the chickens and the laying process:

1. They will begin to lay around 20-24 weeks-  late August/September :)
2. The eggs will be small at first(pullet eggs)
3. When molting (losing feathers) the chicken will either lay very small eggs or no eggs at all.

Well, that's all the new information currently.  Hope to post soon!
In Christ,

P.S- We will begin to post anything we learn about chickens and pictures of chickens every week on Friday or Saturday! Hope that helps and we appreciate y'all!!

Caleb & Seth Wassenberg
Co-Owners of ~ SRR Egg Factory

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Chick Pictures!

Howdy! The chicks are doing much better than on other occasions!  This was our first time ordering from Mt. Healthy and they turned out wonderful!  Normally we have at least 4 die out of a batch of 100 but this batch has only yielded only one death! Take a look at some of these cute fellers!

 We gave these type of chicks the nickname of Egyptian because of their eyes.
 Aren't her eyes beautiful?!

A beautiful Brown Leghorn chick.
She looks like a hen on a nest!
Shy little thing :)
A midnight-black colored chick.
Fluffy hen
I love the design on the face of this one!
Little feathers coming in!
A gorgeous Golden Comet!
I love this little guy (girl? :)  It is the fluffiest chick out of all of them!!
I call him a lion, grizzly, or bear because of all his fluff!
Two chirping friends.
Co-Owners of SRR Egg Factory-♂Caleb (On left),♂and Seth (On right)
We hope you enjoyed this update on our chicks!  Have a wonderful day and God bless!

Caleb & Seth Wassenberg
Co-Owners of ~ SRR Egg Factory

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Chicks Have Arrived!!

Chirp, Chirp!  We've got some news here at the SRR Egg Factory!  Our 100 chicks arrived this morning and are settling in quite well!  We have only lost one so far and the rest look great- a answer to an unvoiced prayer!  My sister is a photographer (see her site HERE)and she took some great photos!  Please take some time to view them below!

 Our many varieties of chicks!!
Two Brown Leghorns.

 Very sleepy.

A Speckled Chick.
Peaceful slumber.
Very Alert!!
Caleb doing school and watching the chicks!!

 So there is our first update!  I hope to post again soon!!

Have a great day!  God Bless!

Caleb & Seth Wassenberg
Co-Owners of~ SRR Egg Factory

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey there!

 Thank you for visiting the SRR Egg Factory blog!  Please take some time to look around, we will be updating soon!

God Bless!

Caleb & Seth
Co-Owners of Solid Rock Ranch Egg Factory

Starting Out

Our family has had chickens is some way, shape or form for at least 5 years.  After having a few chickens and hatching our own chicks we decided to move up in numbers.  A year or two ago we ordered around 60 chickens and started selling the eggs to some friends at church.  Soon the people at church spread the news of our great tasting eggs,  and their friends wanted to get a hold of some of our pasture-fed chicken eggs too!  After some thought we ordered some 100  more!  We separated the hens from the roosters once they were old enough.  The roosters were in a coop and fenced in area close to our house and we moved the hens to a pasture and coop across the valley from our house (A few of the chickens weren't old enough yet to tell if they were hens or not so we left them with the roosters close to our house).  And one day, after having been out of town for the day we returned to find that all but 4 of the 60 chickens (that were across the valley) were dead! As far as we know the huge amount of deaths were caused by the chicken farmers worst nightmare- the weasel.  This crafty little critter kills more than it needs and uses the feathers for it's nest.  We suppose that it was a family of weasels that wreaked havoc on our farm.  The worst part was, that we get our chickens young- little chicks.  And so, this batch was a week away from laying when they were killed.  That meant that all of our money on feed and buying these chickens was wasted!  We never got any eggs from them! :-(  There was nothing else we could do now.  We processed the remainder of the chickens (the ones that were in the coop near our house) saving only 2 roosters and all of the hens.  After awhile we decided to order some more and pick up business again.  That batch of 100 should arrive tomorrow!  Hopefully we will have some pictures up soon!

So there's a little bit of Solid Rock Ranch Egg Factory history for ya!

God Bless!

Caleb & Seth Wassenberg
Co-Owners of SRR Egg Factory